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Imani Clinic's operations are only made possible due to the contributions and dedication of its undergraduates, professional students, and preceptors. All involvement is greatly appreciated, whether you're interested in volunteering, or just want to support the amazing work of our members!


Apply to be a volunteer!

Imani consistently holds applications for preceptors, professional students, and undergraduate students. Scroll or click the button to learn more about each application process and how you can be a part of the Imani family!


Annual Events

One of the best ways to support Imani Clinic is by attending our annual events held as a way to fundraise for our clinic and bring impactful health education to our community. To see more information about upcoming events, see the following pages or follow to @imaniclinic on Instagram!



Imani's volunteer preceptors are at the heart of all clinic operations, and we always seek new preceptors! All volunteer physicians are covered by malpractice insurance provided by the UC Davis School of Medicine. The time commitment to precept at Imani Clinic would be 1- 4 Saturdays a year, with flexible scheduling. We would greatly appreciate your help in providing a consistent resource to address the African American community's preventive and episodic primary healthcare needs!


For more information, please contact our Preceptor Coordinators at

Professional Students

Health Professional Students
Many regular health professional student clinic volunteers have told us repeatedly that seeing patients at Imani Clinic has been one of their most worthwhile experiences in graduate school. Volunteering at our clinic allows students to practice their physical exam skills and take active leadership roles in community health. 

Please contact our Preceptor Coordinators at if you would like to volunteer.


Undergraduate Volunteers
Our Undergraduate Volunteers are the workforce behind Imani's operations. They are routinely in Saturday clinics and are equipped to provide adequate patient care. In clinic, undergraduates are responsible for a multitude of roles including intaking, ordering labs, managing medical records, managing clinic flow, and translating. In addition, volunteers are highly involved within the community through our partnership with YXP and local community organizations and regularly outreach to the Oak Park community.


    Sacramento, CA          (916) 475-9582     

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