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If selected after submitting your online application, the next step is an interview. If you are accepted after the interview, you must attend a required (IN PERSON) training session.

Fall 2022 requirements include Monday night class attendance, 2 clinic days, 2 outreach events, 2 social events, and 2 fundraising events per quarter. Translators must participate in Monday night classes, 3 clinic shifts, 1 outreach event, 2 social events, and 2 fundraising events per quarter. Additionally, attendance and participation at the Imani Bolt 5k race during the Spring quarter and all prior meetings regarding the event are also required. Proof of health clearance is required (TB test, up-to-date immunizations, etc.). Failure to complete a requirement on time will result in a strike. With 3 strikes, you will be put up for a review by the board to determine if you will continue further as a volunteer. 

*Application to become a volunteer must be submitted by 11:59 pm October 9th, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.*

Apply: HERE


    Sacramento, CA          (916) 475-9582     

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