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Imani Outreach Services (IOS)

In response to the growing needs of the community of Oak Park and the African diaspora, we at Imani Clinic have created a faction of volunteers separate from our regular clinical volunteers that only specialize in community outreach. Through the IOS program, students of any major and year will have the chance to volunteer at outreach events within our robust system of partners to distribute essential items, interact closely with community members, and develop relationships with fellow volunteers dedicated to improving the livelihoods of their neighbors.

IOS exists to not only to expand the services that Imani and its partners are able to provide, but also to serve as a pipeline for students part of the African diaspora and those interested in improving the outcomes of those living in Oak Park, Sacramento, to gain the same meaningful community service opportunities that clinic volunteers at Imani Clinic have commended as being invaluable to their undergraduate experience. 


Below apply to IOS volunteers
(IMPORTANT: IOS does not include clinic shifts and has no affiliation to the general clinic undergraduate cycle.)

  • Complete the interest form 

  • Attend Imani Clinic Outreach Orientation - (Will be held over zoom monthly for new volunteers)

  • Attend required trainings for YouthXplosion and Neighbor Program


For more information

If you have questions about your application, your student organization would be interested in joining IOS for consistent community service opportunities for your members, or you would be interested in having Imani IOS volunteers at your community service event, please contact our webmaster at

    Sacramento, CA          (916) 475-9582     

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