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Endocrinology Services

The Imani Endocrinology Clinic is a specialty clinic within our routine primary care operations here at Imani. Our endocrine clinic is in direct response to an internal patient survey addressing the increasing demand and gap in health care coverage for endocrinology services. Our focus is to prevent, reduce, and manage risk factors associated with endocrine-related conditions within the underserved communities of the Sacramento area.

Our team can provide consultations for patients presenting with symptoms and/or with existing diagnoses of diabetes, thyroid nodules, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and other endocrine-related complications. We do not perform interventional procedures nor are we able to provide emergency services. For patients needing specified care with increased scheduling frequency, the network of preceptors and medical students here at Imani clinic can provide supplemental coverage between clinic dates. Patient-specific educational material and risk analysis can also be provided by IHEOP (Imani Health Education and Outreach Program).

The Endocrinology clinic is held on the First Saturday of the month. Our preceptor is Dr. Polly Fu Teng, an endocrinologist, and faculty at the University of California Davis. If you believe you or your patient would benefit from seeing our endocrinology team at Imani, please review and complete the referral sheet and submit it to the endocrine clinic coordinators at with the title ([Referral]-Patient Name-Referring Clinic) for scheduling. If you or your patient need the next available scheduling, we encourage you to call our clinic phone at (916) 475-9582. Walk-ins are welcome and we highly suggest patients bring any medical records with them (e.g. current prescriptions, laboratory results, or discharge notes). 

We accept all patients regardless of health insurance or residency status. We also offer referrals for services that we cannot provide. Our clinic interpreters are available to accompany Spanish-speaking patients. Regular clinic hours are Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm.

Our Team:

Preceptor - Dr. Lado

Undergraduate Coordinator(s) - Chiran Shunmugam and Aman Singla

    Sacramento, CA          (916) 475-9582     

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