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Women's Health Services

Our clinic is held on the Fourth Saturday of every month from 9 am-1 pm. If you believe you or your patient would benefit from seeing our women’s health team at Imani, we encourage you to call our clinic phone at (916) 475-9582. We highly suggest patients bring any medical records with them (e.g. current prescriptions, laboratory results, or discharge notes).

The Imani Women's Specialty Clinic was created to address health inequities in the field of women’s health. Our patient population historically has had fewer opportunities to access preventative health care, specifically prenatal and disease screening (cancer and STI/STD). This lack of access, as well as previous mistreatment in the healthcare system, has led to poorer health outcomes for minority women, specifically Black women. In terms of childbirth, due to the lack of access to prenatal care and reliable birth control, there are higher instances of preeclampsia, maternal/fetal death, lower birth weight, and stillbirth.

The focus of Imani’s Women’s clinic is to prevent, reduce, and manage risk factors associated with adverse women’s health conditions within the underserved communities of the Sacramento area. All services we provide are free of charge and do not require insurance. We provide periodic mammogram screening, along with monthly pap smears, breast/pelvic exams, and STD testing. We also provide referrals through the Every Woman Counts program for services that are beyond our capacity. We are currently working on a program to provide preeclampsia screening and prenatal care for expectant mothers as well.

We accept all patients regardless of health insurance or residency status. We also offer referrals for services that we cannot provide. Our clinic interpreters are available to accompany Spanish-speaking patients. Regular clinic hours are Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

 If you would like to contact the Women’s Specialty Clinic Coordinator, please email 

Our Team:

Preceptor - Dr. Adams-Jacobs

Undergraduate Coordinator(s) - Bethiel Dirar and Carmina Alves

    Sacramento, CA          (916) 475-9582     

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