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Mental Health Services

Imani's Mental Health Specialty Clinic provides culturally sensitive and inclusive mental health
resources, support, and counseling. We also provide supportive psychotherapy which includes
behavioral activation, problem-solving therapy, and safety-planning. The focus of Imani’s
Mental Health clinic is to address mental health within our patient population by recognizing the
link between physical and psychological wellness in addition to the impacts of historical

The Behavioral Health Team (BHT) at Imani Clinic can help you:
● Complete free, confidential screening for anxiety, depression, addiction
● Discuss treatment options including medication recommendations, individual or group
therapy, education on mental health topics
● Make referrals to free community programs including the county mental health program
(Access Team)

Our Mental Health clinic is held on the Third Saturday of every month from 9am - 12pm. If you
believe you or your patient would benefit from seeing our mental health team at Imani, we
encourage you to call our clinic phone at (916) 475-9582. If you would like to contact the Mental
Health Specialty Clinic Coordinators, please email

We accept all patients regardless of health insurance or residency status. We also offer referrals
for services that we cannot provide. Our clinic interpreters are available to accompany Spanish
speaking patients. Regular clinic hours are Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Our Team: 

Undergraduate Coordinator(s) - Victoria Durunna and Anika Minoji 

    Sacramento, CA          (916) 475-9582     

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