The Role of Undergraduates in Imani Clinic: 

Imani Clinic prides itself as being one of the few bona fide student-run clinics in the nation. Undergraduates form the working backbone of Imani and have much to gain from volunteering. In addition to being a worthwhile hands-on clinical experience for students interested in the healthcare field, Imani Clinic is an invaluable opportunity for undergraduates to directly participate in the delivery of episodic primary care to the underserved and multicultural population of Oak Park. 

On any given Saturday when Imani is open, undergraduates have the opportunity to do one of the following positions:

  • Monitor (supervises all clinic operations, including patient flow)

  • Translator (the majority of patients seen at Imani are Spanish speaking only and require translating)

  • Intake (responsible for recording patient vitals, current medications, and chief complaints)

  • LabTechnician (conducts urine analyses, pregnancy tests, glucose checks; and prepares specimens for further study)

  • Reception (checks patients in and creates charts)

  • Floater (provides extra help wherever it is needed)

  • Outreach in the neighboring Oak Park community

In addition to these Saturday activities, undergraduates have the opportunity to be involved with the clinic board and associated committees, which handle many administrative responsibilities such as financing, fundraising, training, scheduling, publicity, and outreach activities.

Undergraduate Volunteer Requirements

A three-quarter commitment, each involving: 

  • 2 mandatory Saturday clinic volunteer work

  • 2 community service (Outreach) event

  • 1 fundraising event

  • Class attendance and participation (1 quarter leave may be taken upon fulfillment of the three quarter commitment). Class meetings will be held once a week for one hour. (Mondays, 6:00-7:00 PM).

  • Hepatitis B and TB immunization proofs are required. 

Upon completion and satisfaction of the above requirements, 2.0 workload units will be given. Transcript notation is optional.

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