Healing Begins with Faith

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Mirwais Omarkhil: 3rd year Junior, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior


  • Help with CalFresh sign-ups and long-term aid assistance programs for community members. 
  • Help with allocating more of our budget to reaching out to the black community in Oak Park.

Clinic Administrator

Yemi Lawrence: 4th-year Senior, Global Disease Biology Major


  • Providing a welcoming environment for new volunteers and begin prepping and shaping the future leaders of Imani.
  • Continue with the quality assessment report. 

Medical Assistants

Jasmin Infante:  5th year Senior, Human Development Major


  • Set up training for new and old translators. Run scenarios so they see the translating position in action.
  • Have socialized meeting with our translators to build community.

Leslie Medina: 5th year Senior, Global Disease Biology Major


  • Connect with new Co-Directors and assist in their smooth transition fro the benefit of Clinic and patients. 
  • Create a forum/check up for translators to do live scenarios and enhance translator efficiency. 

Meet Our Board

The Imani Undergraduate Board represents Imani Health Clinic and each member strives to carry out the Clinic's goals and uphold Imani's Mission statement. The Undergraduate Board is expected to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that Imani is fully operational each Saturday. Each board member is chosen by the previous board of directors and has demonstrated a desire to continuously improve Imani Clinic,  ability to effectively fulfill their respective roles, and willingness to build upon the 20 plus legacy of Imani Clinic. These are our board members for the 2018-2019 school year. Included is their vision for Imani and their goals to improve Imani Health Clinic.

Co-Fundraising Coordinators

Amrit Dhillon: 4th year Senior, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Major


  • Be incredibly transparent about what we hope to accomplish fundraising. 
  • Find a way to make connections with the black-owned businesses in Sacramento and integrate them into BOLT. 

Web/EMR Specialist

Ian Dao: 4th year Senior, Cell Biology Major


  • Be culturally competent with African Diaspora.
  • Look for a new EMR system for Imani. 

Co-Undergraduate Representative

Victoria Rondan: 4th year Senior, Human Development Major


  • Hopefully have a new batch of volunteers going into clinic.
  • Order volunteer badges.

Co-IHEOP Coordinators: 

Foxy Robinson: 5th year Senior, African/African American Studies and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Double Major


  • Redesign IHEOP Classes by creating more nutrition, fitness and mental health.
  • Wants to integrate Mental Health has a IHEOP priority.
  • Planning to work on classroom management and workshop component. 
  • Involve community member recognition


Talha Kilic: 4th year Senior, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Major


  • Plan clinic retreat and banquet.

Undergraduate Training Coordinator

Manasi Arora: 4th year Senior, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Major


  • Mentor/Mentee program
  • Improve undergraduate training as necessary

Raven Holmes: 4th year Senior, Psychology Major


  • See more black patients in clinic.
  • Outreach through black organizations, BCLC and Fruitridge. 
  • Be in community more. 

Co-Outreach Coordinators

Zachary Booz√©: 4th year Senior, Global Disease Biology


  • Complete the foundation of the technology program with YXP. Increase STEM involvement with youth. 
  • Expand outreach opportunities for volunteers. 

Semaj Hornbuckle: 5th year Senior, Biomedical Sciences Major


  • Help maintain relationships with organizations such as YXP and other Sacramento non-profits  we have established connections with. 
  • Gain more insight from new volunteers as to how Imani and outreach become better. 

Preceptor Coordinator

Sanjil Sheth: 5th year Senior, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Major


  • Maintain physician newsletter with improvements. 
  • Start mental health as a speciality clinic.
  • Continue contacting more physicians and medical students.

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