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Healing Begins with Faith

Who We Are: The Imani (Health) Clinic is the result of the labor and efforts of UC Davis medical students in the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), an organization dedicated to improving the medical, academic, and social outcomes of the Black community.

Our clinic opened on October 22, 1994, and was founded in the heart of the Oak Park neighborhood, where over 57% of the population were part of a minority group, 80% of the community were classified as working poor or unemployed, and a majority lacked health insurance and access to health education and care.

With the same impetus to service the Black and other underserved populations in the area, the Imani Legal Clinic was established in 2015 as a part of the Imani (Health) Clinic specialty clinic services. Since 2015, Imani legal Clinic has provided patients with free consultations on housing issues, health insurance, and immigration services.

Mission: To advocate for and empower members of the Black communities of Oak Park by enhancing access to legal services, referrals, and programs.

Vision: To meld social justice and legal advocacy and prioritize the community, social, and cultural, needs of the Black community.

Our Goals:

  • To provide legal advocacy, social justice education, and community empowerment programming to an underserved community without regard to address (or lack of one), national/ethnic origin, immigration status, language, religion, or ability to pay.
  • To expand the presence of Imani Legal Clinic – and the Imani Clinic overall – within the Oak Park/Sacramento area.
  • To be of service with intention and insight regarding the social needs of the Black community.
  • To foster early and lasting relationships between the community, the Imani Legal Clinic, and legal professionals.​

Service Date: Held every 1st Saturday of the month

Application to become a Legal Clinic Advocate can be found below

*All potential advocacy advocates are recommended to read the legal clinic program information before applying