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Healing Begins with Faith

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Imani, a Swahili word meaning “faith,” was selected both for the African philosophy of community embodied in the 7 principles of Kwanzaa – an African-American year-end celebration – and because it symbolizes the faith that we as students hope to foster within historically disenfranchised communities as well as faith in the ability of the health care system to address their medical needs and social realities. In our hope for positive social change, we as volunteers must also have faith in our mission. Specifically, Imani Clinic was founded to provide health care to the African-American population of Oak Park. We serve anyone who walks through our doors, however it is our goal to address the needs of the African-American community.

The Imani Clinic of Oak Park was the brainchild of medical students of the Student National Medical Association at the UC Davis School of Medicine. Ten years of planning, research and negotiation gave birth to a cohesive collaboration between students, the University, and Sutter Community Hospitals. Imani Clinic opened on October 22, 1994 in Oak Park and is now located at 2425 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817.

The students who worked diligently to make this clinic a reality created the goals below, which embody our purpose:
1. To provide preventive and episodic primary health care to an underserved community without regard to address (or lack of one), national/ethnic origin, immigration status, language, religion or ability to pay;
2. To expose medical students early in their training to the complexities of providing community-based care to a diverse population in which social, economic and medical issues are intimately intertwined;
3. To provide undergraduate students interested in a career in the health professions with the opportunity to experience first-hand healthcare delivery in a community-based setting;
4. To foster early and lasting relationships between students, health care professionals and the community.

Clinic days begin for undergraduates at 7:45am and go until we see our last patient. Additionally, students and preceptors engage in pre-clinic meetings to preview the day’s activities, as well as post-clinic meetings, where cases are presented by the medical students in a formal manner, which greatly enhances the learning experience.

Info Sessions:
September 26th 6pm-7pm in the Student Community Center (SCC) Meeting Room E

September 30th 7pm-8pm in the Student Community Center (SCC) Meeting Room E

Office Hours:
September 26th 7pm-8pm in the Student Community Center (SCC) Meeting Room E
September 30th 8pm-9pm in the Student Community Center (SCC) Meeting Room E
October 2nd 4pm-6pm in the Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC)
October 4th 11am-1pm in the Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC)


*If selected after the online application, be prepared for interviews the week of October 14th*

*If selected after the online application and the interview, you will be required to attend a mandatory training sessions October 19th and 20th*

*Please note: You are NOT required to have your own vehicle for means of transportation to be a volunteer. This can be resolved through Imani Clinic's carpooling system.

Volunteer requirements include Monday night class attendance, 2 clinic days, 2 outreach events, 1 social event, and 1 fundraising event per quarter. Translators must participate in Monday night classes, 3 clinic days, 1 outreach event, 1 social event, and 1 fundraising event per quarter. Additionally, attendance and participation at the Imani Bolt 5k race during Spring quarter and all prior meetings regarding the event are also required. Proof of health clearance is required (TB test, up to date immunizations, etc.). Failure to complete a requirement on time will result in a strike. With 3 strikes, you will be put up for review by the board to determine if you will continue further as a volunteer.


Your application to become an Imani volunteer must be submitted by 11:59pm on October 6th, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Please read the instructions and volunteer requirements listed above on the application carefully.

For any additional information, please visit our website ( or feel free to contact our Undergraduate Representatives at We invite any questions you may have!

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